Towers and Bridges Spirits

Metalcore from Munich. "Spirits" out now!


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Spirits 2017

1. Intro 1:15
2. Equality 3:39
3. Split Personality 3:21
4. PMA 3:24
5. Read Between The Lines 3:14
6. I Am Phoenix 3:15
7. Unheard Prayers 5:08
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Breakwaters 2015

1. Legions Of The Damned 03:17
2. We Are The Anchor 02:43
3. Breakwaters 03:20
4. Hunting The Colossus 03:38
5. Drawn In Flames 03:34
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While it seems, that the Metalcore-genre is slowly going to die, the 6-pieced combo „Towers & Bridges“ from Munich, Germany breathes new life into it.

With having their roots in classical heavy metal, they combine fast and catchy lead guitars with the raw aggression of hardcore punk. To set themselves apart from others, they create an unique sound with three guitars and the striking voice of the lead singer Antun Hösch, that ranges from deepest guttural lows to powerful clean singing.

Known for their powerful live performances, Towers & Bridges played shows amongst others with Unearth, Iron Reagan and Risk It!.
The first physical release “Breakwaters”, a 5-track EP, was produced at the Another Diamond Recordings. It dropped in 2015 and gave the opportunity to set a first footprint in the Metal/ Hardcore underground in Munich.
The last year the band worked together with the Dreamsound Studios and again Another Diamond Recordings, to produce the new EP for a release in 2017.
Some of the results can already be heard in the official music videos for the songs "Equality" and "Read Between The Lines". This step will lead Towers & Bridges to a new level, so that more and more people get notice of this bunch of six friends, who have the heart and passion for music, that is heavy as fuck and catchy at the same time.


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